Color Constants

The built-in colors are used with plotting graphs. You can specify the property Color for a graph by typing:
Plot(f(x), Color = Colorname)
       Plot done
For Colorname you can fill in one of the predefined colors like Red, Blue or Green. If you want to use a color that isn't built-in, you can use the function RGB to specify any color.


Colorname can be one of the names listed below.
Black DarkGray LightCyan Pink
Blue DarkRed LightGray Purple
Brown Gray LightGreen Red
Cyan Green Magenta White
DarkBlue LightBlue Orange Yellow
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'Examples of using Color constants

'Use your favorite colors for plotting graphs
Plot(Sin(x), Color=Magenta, 2*Cos(x), Color=Pink)
       Plot done
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See Also

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