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When you have plotted a function in a Figure, you can edit the properties of this function in the Edit Functions Dialog. The image below shows how this Dialog looks like.

To open the Edit Function Dialog, Go to the Property window, Tab Functions. There you see all plotted functions listed, and after each function a button "Edit". If you click this button the Edit Function Dialog will open. You can also open the dialog by double-clicking on a function in the Graph. Or you can left-click on the function, and choose "Edit Function" from the context menu.

Edit Function Dialog

When you have changed some of the properties, you can preview the result by clicking the Preview button. If you don't like the result you can undo the changes by clicking the Cancel button. To apply the changes and close the Edit Function Dialog, press the button Ok.

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In the first two textboxes you can edit the Function and the Variable. These speak for themselves.

In the textbox Legend you can specify the text for this function that will be displayed in the Legend box. By default the function itself is filled in. If you want to hide a function from the Legend, you can make the textbox empty.

With the fourth textbox you can specify the line Color of the function. There are predefined colors from which you can choose. You can also specify your own color with the function RGB. Enter for example RGB(255,0,0) in the textbox.

The last textbox is Width, here you can change the line width of the function. You can enter a value or an expression.

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All function properties can be specified directly when plotting the function. You can do this as follows:
Plot(Cos(t), variable=t, Legend=My Cosine, Color=Pink, Width=2)
       Plot done
You can find more information and examples on the page Edit Properties.

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