Edit Properties in Workarea

You can edit the properties of a Figure from within the Workarea. On this page the possibilities of managing properties in the Workarea will be explained. You can also adjust all properties in the Property window, as described on the page Property window.

There are two types of properties: Properties belonging to the Figure, and properties of the plotted functions. In general, properties work the same way as variables. Just enter for example "xMin=-3" to set the value of xMin to -3. You can also use properties in expressions, for example "2*yTrace + 3.1".
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Figure Properties

The Figure Properties can be specified inside a plot command, but you can also adjust them before or after plotting a function. The properties will be applied on the current active figure. Not all available Figure Properties can be changed in the Workarea, fonts and linestyles can only be adjusted in the Property window. When you have multiple figures opened, be sure that you have the right Figure active when changing a property.
' Some lines end with a semicolon to hide the answer line

' Define some properties beforehand
Figure = 4;
AxesType = Boxed;
xMin = -3;
xMax = 2;

' Plot a function, and specify some other properties
Plot(Exp(0.5*x) * Sin(2*x), Title = My figure)
       Plot done

' Define some properties afterwards
GridStyle = Off;
LegendPos = TopLeft;
xTrace = -1.9;

' Get the value of a property
       yTrace = 0.236630547

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Function Properties

The Function Properties can only be given inside the plot command. The alternative way of changing Function Properties is with the Edit Function Dialog, as described on the page Edit Function.
Plot(Cos(t), variable=t, Legend=My Cosine, Color=Pink, Width=2)
       Plot done
When you have a plot command with multiple functions, you can enter Function Properties for each of these functions. The commands in the following example give the same result.
Plot(Sin(x), Cos(x), Color=Pink, Color=Purple)
       Plot done

Plot(Sin(x), Color=Pink, Cos(x), Color=Purple)
       Plot done

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Here a short overview of all available properties. For a more detailed description read the page Property Window. Note that all properties are also listed in the Functionstree.

Figure Properties

The following Figure Properties are available.
Property Available values
Figure 1 to 9
GridStyle On, Off
LegendStyle On, Off
LegendPos BottomLeft, BottomRight, TopLeft, TopRight
ShowPropertiesOn, Off
Title Text
xLabel Text
yLabel Text
Property Available values
AutoScaleOn, Off
AxesStyleNormal, Boxed, None
AxesType Linear, LogX, LogY, LogLog
xMin Expression
xMax Expression
xScale Expression
yMin Expression
yMax Expression
yScale Expression

Function Properties

The following Function Properties are available.

Property Available values
Color Colorname or expression
Legend Text
Visible True, False
Width Expression
xTrace Expression
yTrace yTrace is read only
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For examples, see the examples on the page Plot Functions.

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