Functions Overview

SpeQ has numerous built-in functions. All functions in SpeQ are listed in orderly groups in the Functionstree. You can press <F8> to show or hide this window. In general, the syntax of functions is:
functionname(parameter1, parameter2, ...)
SpeQ has the following groups of built-in functions.
Function group
Analysis fnInt(f(x), start, end),
fnDiff(f(x), pos)

Arithmetic Abs(x), Exp(x), Log(x), Log(x, base), Sqrt(x), Sign(x)

Complex Numbers Re(a+bi), Im(a+bi),
Abs(a+bi), Arg(a+bi), Conj(a+bi)

Conversion Rad2Deg(x), Rad2Grad(x), Rad2Cycle(x), Deg2Rad(x), Grad2Rad(x), Cycle2Rad(x)

Hyperbolic Cosh(x), Sinh(x), Tanh(x),
ACosh(x), ASinh(x), ATanh(x),
Sech(x), Csch(x), Coth(x)

Integers Ceil(x), Fix(x), Floor(x), Round(x)

Logical IIf(), Iterate(), Not(x), Repeat()

Probability Factorial(x), nCr(n, r), nPr(n, r), x!,
Rand, Rand(min, max), RandInt(min, max)

Representation Bin(x), Dec(x), Oct(x), Hex(x), Fraction(x)

Statistics Avg(), Min(), Mean(), Median(), Max(),
Prod(), Sort(), Sum(), Std(), Var()

Trigonometry Cos(x), Sin(x), Tan(x),
ACos(x), ASin(x), ATan(x), ATan2(y, x),
Sec(x), Csc(x), Cot(x)

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