Functionstree The Functionstree contains a list of all functions and constants available in SpeQ, grouped in different subjects. You can show or hide the window with the shortcut key <F8>, or adjust the visibility in the menu View, Show Functions. With <Ctrl+F8> you can shift the focus between the functionstree and the workarea.

You can search in the Functionstree by entering text in the editbox and clicking the button "Search", or by pressing <Enter>. If you want to find the next entry you can press "Search" again, or press <F3>.

To insert an item into the Workarea, double-click the item. If some text in the workarea is selected, the selection will be included in the function you clicked. For example, if you select the text '0.25*Pi' in the sheet and then insert the function Sin(x), the result is 'Sin(0.25*Pi)'.

To expand or collapse the content of a subject, double-click on it, or click on the plus-minus block to its left. You can also navigate through the functionstree with the arrow keys, and insert a function by pressing <Enter>.

When you right-click in the Functionstree, a context menu will open. This context menu has the following items.
Item Description
Insert function To insert the selected function into the sheet

Help on Function To get help on the selected function. The users guide will open to the desired topic

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