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Menu and toolbar

Menu File

  • New
    Open a new, empty sheet.
  • Open...
    Open an existing sheet. You can open the following file types: speq file (*.spq), text file (*.txt).
  • Save
    Save the current sheet. You can save a file as a speq file (*.spq) or as a text file (*.txt). When you save a sheet as a speq file, the text and color formatting will be saved and you can double-click on the file to open it in SpeQ. When you save a sheet as a text file, only the text is saved and the file size is reduced. When you open a text file, all the text is initially black. You can easily restore the color formatting by pressing <F5> to recalculate the sheet.
  • Save As
    Save the current sheet with a new name.
  • Print
    Print the sheet.
  • Exit
    Exit the program. If the content of the sheet is not saved under a specified name, next time you run the program it will automatically reload the last content of the sheet.
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Menu Edit

  • Recalculate sheet
    Recalulate all expressions in the sheet. While recalculating the sheet, the statusbar shows the message "Calculating..." (see picture).
  • Clear Sheet
    Clear all content of the sheet and memory.
  • Clear Memory
    Clear all variables and functions that are currently in memory (viewable in Memorylist). You can also type ClearAll in the Workarea and press <ENTER>.
  • Undo
    Undo the last action in the sheet. You can undo up to ten actions.
  • Redo
    Redo the last action in the sheet.
  • Cut
    Cut the selected text to the clipboard.
  • Copy
    Copy the selected text to the clipboard.
  • Paste
    Paste text from the clipboard.
  • Select All
    Select all text in the sheet.
  • Comment
    Comment the selected text. Handy to disable a part of your calculations temporary.
  • Uncomment
    Uncomment the selected text.
  • Find...
    A window will open in which you can enter a keyword to search. Options include match case and match whole word.
  • Find Next
    If there's a keyword entered in the find window, you can find the next occurrence with Find Next. You can also press <F3> to do the same thing.
  • Find/Replace...
    A find/replace window will open. You can choose to find, replace, or replace all occurrences. You can also select Match case and Match whole word.
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Menu View

  • Toolbar
    Show or hide the toolbar. You can hide the Toolbar if you prefer to use quick-keys (Like <Ctrl+L>, <Ctrl+S>, <F5>) and want to save some screen space.
  • Memorylist
    This will show or hide the Memorylist, with all defined variables and functions. You can double-click a variable or function to add it to the sheet. The selected item will appear at the cursor position.
  • Functionstree
    This will show or hide the Functionstree, with all built-in constants and functions. Click on a subject to expand or collapse it. To insert an item into the sheet, you can click on that item. If some text in the sheet is selected, the selection will be included in the function you clicked.
  • Font
    You can change the font, font size, and font style of the sheet. Font colors can't be changed. The default font used by SpeQ is Verdana, 10pt.
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Menu Options

  • Settings... (F2)
    Here you can set your preferences for using SpeQ. See Settings for more information.
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Menu Help

  • Getting started
    This will open the users guide at the page Getting Started. This is a usefull introduction page for new users of SpeQ.
  • Users Guide (F1)
    This will open the users guide you're currently reading. Here you can find all the information needed to use the program. You can search for subjects in the table of contents, index list, or search window.
  • Donate
    SpeQ is a freeware product. You can use it without limitations. If you appreciate SpeQ, please support the SpeQ project by donating $10 to contribute to future development.
  • Check for updates
    This will check if you are running the most recent version of SpeQ Mathematics. If not, you can directly download and install the newest version. Note: you need an open internet connection so SpeQ can retrieve version information.
  • About...
    General information about SpeQ.
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