The Statusbar is the bar at the bottom of the program window. Statusbar In the Statusbar some important program settings are displayed: Angles, Decimals, Scientific notation and Representation. When you click on one of these items, a popup-menu will open where you can adjust the setting.

The settings of these options can also be changed in the Settings window or from within the workarea (see System functions).

  • Angles
    You can choose Rad, Deg or Grad. The default value is Rad. The Angles mode is important for trigonometric functions like Sin and Cos.
  • Decimals
    The number of decimals in answers. You can choose 1 to 9 or Float.
  • Scientific Notation
    You can choose if you want to display answers in scientific notation. You can choose three options for scientific notation: Auto, On or Off.
  • Representation
    Answers can be represented in different formats. You can choose Bin, Dec, Oct, Hex or Fraction. The default value is Dec.
See Settings for more information.
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