The Workarea is the central module of SpeQ. It's the area where you enter calculations and expressions and define variables and functions. You can edit, cut, copy, paste, and recalculate the content as you like.

You can calculate an expression by simply typing it and pressing <ENTER>. If you want to split a line, you can press <Ctrl+ENTER>. There is one exception: if the cursor is at the start of a line, <ENTER> and <Ctrl+ENTER> work just the other way around. You can recalculate the whole sheet by pressing <F5>, or by clicking the Recalculate Sheet button on the Toolbar. When multiple lines are selected in the sheet, you can recalculate them by pressing <ENTER> or <F5>.

SpeQ uses different text colors to distinguish different types of lines.
Color Description
Black A line with an expression.
Blue A line with an answer.
Red A line with an error message.
Green A line with a remark.
You can add a remark by typing some text after an apostrophe ( ' ). If you don't want to see the result of a calculation, end the line with a semicolon ( ; ). This can be useful when defining variables or functions. (Look at the examples in the user's guide to see how this works)

You can change the sheet text font in menu View, Change Font. A window will open where you can adjust the font name, size, and style. Changing the color will have no effect, because SpeQ adjusts the font color to the type of each line.

When right-clicking in the Workarea, a context menu will appear with the following content.
Item Description
Recalculate Line Recalculate the current line. If several lines are selected, this option is "Recalculate Selection"
Copy Ans Copy the last answer to the clipboard. You can also copy the answer by pressing <Ctrl+C> when there is no text selected in the workarea.
Cut Cut the selected text to the clipboard
Copy Copy the selected text to the clipboard
Paste Paste text from the clipboard
Select all Select all text in the sheet
Comment Comment the selected text
Uncomment Uncomment the selected text
Help on keyword Context sensitive help: Select a keyword in the Workarea (for example "Cos"), then click this option and the users guide will open to the specified topic.
You can also open this context menu by pressing the Windows Application Key on your keyboard.
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